19 Genius Health Tips Everyone Will Appreciate

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  1. Whyhow Nwhat says:

    Know about Kissing disease on my channel.

  2. Ahmed Ahmed says:


  3. Knock knock says:

    I tried the 35 angle but without the Thing and my commode broke causing water to spilled all over our bathroom

  4. Wash your hands before the bathroom…I gotta write this stuff down.

  5. Ashaki West says:

    Love the video…changed my life…Thank you

  6. Ahsan Kabir says:

    Best health & beauty tips here… Worldnews383.blogspot. Com

  7. nice tips for daily life

  8. sitamho says:

    slleping on your Left is not medically correct

  9. people who want to know should also see this amazing video.

  10. Lol. Even she sleeps on her right side 3:48

  11. Aur apni baat Aakhri Baat Yeh hai K aapko Koi hub nahi hai aap hame Bataye ke Hame bathroom Kaise Karoon ok leave now end mera name is rawail atta baloch

  12. He has no idea what he say so please don't subscribe to her channel ok leave her and you are idiot because you have no idea no idea what are you saying ok now only you ok because you have no manners and you don't kaabil Ketu mein Kya tumhe

  13. You know what are you aking

  14. Nucika Fusha says:

    I muck around the toilet and actually sit the right way

  15. The best part is that you are not good enough for you and you will have to keep

  16. der hater says:

    this it 10 minuten crafts

  17. Emmet 123 says:

    I do 35 all the time

  18. Darushan AZ says:

    how long would you suggest that you swim for every week?

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